Virtual control application

A new and simple way to activate all the options for the Thermomasseur® air jet bath from your mobile device.butouch


A convenient Way of Setting the therapies of your thermomasseur

With the purchase of a ThermoMasseur®, you now have the possibility to add the BU-Touch virtual control app to navigate through all the settings of your air jet bath, while taking your bath or from anywhere in your house.

The BU-Touch application mimics the same functional and operational features as the control that comes with your air jet bath (Mia or MiaPlus). 

The BU-Touch control application allows you to easily program the therapies offered with your ThermoMasseur:

BU-Touch hydro thermo massage

Activate Hydro-thermo Massage®

BU-Touch heated temperature

Set heated backrest & headrest temperature 

BU-Touch select colors chromatherapy

Select colors for chromatherapy  

BU-Touch Program drying cycle

Program drying cycle

easy to install and get started

BU-Touch application is available on

bu-touch app store bu-touch google play

*A router is required to operate the BU-Touch application.


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