Your sumptuous embrace

BainUltra® invites you in the heart of a majestic realm of bliss.

UltraVelour - Votre somptueuse étreinte

A royal caress

UltraVelour by BainUltra is a matte finish handcrafted with expert care. This smooth and velvety matte finish transforms your bath into a precious jewel of royal comfort. Slip into this splendid showpiece and experience luxury and well-being combined in a moment of precious eternity.

Pure acrylic
Quality & distinction

BainUltra has always designed high-quality baths in 100% pure acrylic, a substance with numerous proven benefits :

  • Easy to clean.
  • Non-porous and hygienic.
  • Durable and low-maintenance.
  • Light and easy to move.
  • Adaptable assembly for easy integration of bath therapies.

BainUltra’s UltraVelour finish is available in white only across a number of collections:
 Charism, Citti, Essencia, Esthesia, Evanescence, Inua, Nokori, Opalia, Origami, Scala and Vibe,.

Select the UltraVelour finish for your bath and slip into a sumptuous embrace.